New Blog Theme: Character Vignettes

Dear Readers,

When I started this blog, my goal was to update every Tuesday with either a short story (at the time, I was releasing the “Lost Tales of Mercia“) or an informational post related to the subject of the stories. I succeeded for awhile. But then I got distracted by other things, and life was a bitch, and then I finished the Sons of Mercia series altogether, and then I really didn’t know what to post about here. But I want to keep posting regularly. Therefore, I have finally come up with a new idea for what to post each Tuesday–one that I will enjoy and thus am very likely to accomplish every week.

From now on, I will post every Tuesday with a so-called “vignette”–AKA *very very short story*, maybe even venturing near flash fiction levels of brevity–about whomever/whatever I feel like, but most likely featuring one or more characters from one of my already-written novels. The stories might only be a page long–some might be longer, some might be shorter–but rest assured there will be stories once again on this blog.

My head is already filled with ideas, mostly of scenes that never made it into one of my novels because they weren’t crucial to the plot… or perhaps they happened to a side character and thus the main character never found out about it. Here are some examples:

–from Eadric the Grasper: what Aydith and Hastings were really saying to each other before Eadric found them together

–from Eadric the Grasper: the truth behind Runa’s disappearance

–from Edric the Wild: one of Edric’s many adventures as Silvaticus, living it up like Robin Hood

–from Ashes of Dearen: that entire year Sean spent as King Darius… lots of unwritten material there

–from Sands of Hanubi: the undocumented adventures of pirate captain Greedy Gregor

… and many more. Those examples are the most obvious ones that come to mind. Granted, some of the vignettes I intend to write will probably be about less significant events than the ones mentioned above. My goal will be just to capture the character in a moment that is somehow unusual, interesting, or enlightening.  Occasionally, I might write about a character you don’t know–I have *lots* of unpublished stories–but hopefully you will still find it entertaining.

Given the fact I will be taking a break from my larger projects to write these vignettes, I maintain the right to write about anything that strikes my fancy at the time. That said, please let me know if you have any requests about a specific character, situation, etc. SEND ME REQUESTS!

I hope that you will enjoy the new blog theme!

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