Last Tales of Mercia: Introduction

Releasing May 15:

The first group of Norman lords arrives in Engla-lond. King Edward believes they are allies. But as Lord Richard FitzScrob begins to construct the first Norman castle in Engla-lond, the conflict between Normans and Anglo-Saxons builds slowly to one of the greatest wars in English history.

The chronology of the Sons of Mercia series is as follows:

Lost Tales of Mercia

EADRIC THE GRASPER (Sons of Mercia Vol. 1)

GODRIC THE KINGSLAYER (Sons of Mercia Vol. 2)

Last Tales of Mercia

EDRIC THE WILD (Sons of Mercia Vol. 3) RELEASING OCT 2, 2012

Starting May 15, 2012, one Last Tale of Mercia will release every other Tuesday until the release of Edric the Wild (October 2, 2012). The ten Last Tales of Mercia will feature real historical figures and characters from the Sons of Mercia series. Unlike the previous Lost Tales, these stories will be told in chronological order and revolve around a central issue: the construction of the first Norman castle in Engla-lond. Altogether, they form a mini-prequel to the final book of the Sons of Mercia series, Edric the Wild.

Last Tales of Mercia 1:
Emma the Queen (late 1040’s)
releasing May 15, 2012

Queen Emma’s own son, King Edward, has been turned against her by Goodwin of Wessex and Archbishop Robert from Normandy. Edward accuses his mother of treachery and adultery with an English bishop. To prove her innocence, Emma must walk barefoot over nine scalding ploughshares and come out unscathed.

Last Tales of Mercia 2:
Richard the Norman (1051)
releasing May 29, 2012

King Edward calls upon the lords of Engla-lond to protect him against the rebellious earl of Wessex, Lord Goodwin. Richard FitzScrob is a Norman lord who has only been in Engla-lond for a few years and struggles to provide military support. Eager to teach his son the pride and culture of their Norman heritage, he determines to strengthen his stance in Engla-lond, no matter what the cost to the Saxons beneath him.

Last Tales of Mercia 3:
Elwyna the Exile (1052)
releasing June 12, 2012

Elwyna, the exiled wife of Lord Godric, lives quietly in the woods with her lover, Dumbun, until a group of Norman soldiers come to the woods to obtain timber for Richard’s castle. The Norman knights take advantage of Elwyna’s home and threaten Dumbun’s life. Not sure what to do, Elywna realizes she must go crawling back to Godric for help or somehow take matters into her own hands.

Last Tales of Mercia 4:
Ralph the Knight (1052)
releasing June 26, 2012

Tension between the Normans and Anglo-Saxons grows and King Edward considers evicting some of the Norman lords. Sir Ralph, a knight in the company of Richard FitzScrob, gets into a brawl with a Saxon over a tavern wench. After a dire outcome, Ralph must employ the help of a knight named Geoffrey to cover up the unfortunate incident.

Last Tales of Mercia 5:
Osgifu the Sister (1053)
releasing July 10, 2012

Osgifu finds out that her sister, Elwyna, may soon be hanged for murder. Osgifu tries as hard as she can not to involve her husband Godric, whose first wife was Elwyna. But she hesitates to defy the Normans by saving Elwyna herself. She faces a hard decision of whether to leave Elwyna’s fate in the hands of God or take it into her own.

Last Tales of Mercia 6:
Hereward the Outlaw (1054)
releasing July 24, 2012

Young Hereward (later known as “the Wake”) finds out that a Norman castle is being built in Shrewsbury and rides with a group of rowdy boys to raise hell about it.

Last Tales of Mercia 7:
Godric the Thegn (1057)
releasing August 7, 2012

Like most Saxons, Godric resents the presence of his Norman neighbors; but out of loyalty to King Edward, he feels he must support them. When Richard FitzScrob asks Godric to hunt for the youth who desecrated his castle, Godric’s loyalty will be put to the test.

Last Tales of Mercia 8:
Audrey the Slave
releasing August 21, 2012

Young Audrey is one of many poor Saxons who has been forced to help build Richard’s castle. She and her friends suffer various cruelties at the hands of Lord Richard’s soldiers. One night, she inspires some of her fellow slaves to form an escape plan. But the cruel knight Geoffrey keeps a close watch on her every move, and if she doesn’t succeed, she could pay with her life.

Last Tales of Mercia 9:
Sigurd the Gleeman
releasing September 4, 2012

Sigurd, once a minstrel and royal courtier, now struggles to pay his rent to Thegn Godric. One day he goes to the castle of Richard FitzScrob looking for extra work. There he meets another thegn named Alfric, relative of Eadric Streona. The two form an unexpected bond, and Alfric offers him a way to solve his troubles. Sigurd must choose between loyalty to his dear friend Godric and his new affection for the charming Lord Alfric.

Last Tales of Mercia 10:
Osbern the Son (1058)
September 18, 2012

After many hard years in Engla-lond, Lord Richard FitzScrob has finally completed the stone keep of his castle. His son Osbern tries to make friends with a young Saxon named Edric and invite him to the feast, but Edric openly defies him. Later, while Richard celebrates with his knights, Osbern’s resentment for his situation escalates to a violent confrontation with his father.

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