Godric the Kingslayer Released

“Godric the Kingslayer” is now available on most online bookstores across the web! Thanks to Medievalists.net for giving me a second interview, available here: http://bit.ly/nkJztZ . They’ll post their full review of the book later today.

Meanwhile, here’s a review by Kay J. Blalock, Ph.D.:

“He understood why people must die.  The death of certain people put the world into balance.”  This understanding comes to Godric, bastard son of the first “son of Mercia,” Eadric the Grasper, at an early age.  Godric the Kingslayer, as he eventually will be known, takes it upon himself to live his life accordingly—as the one destined to “put the world into balance.”

Despite his age, or perhaps because of it, Godric finds himself again and again caught up in the rivalries for the throne of Engla-lond.  Woods reintroduces us to such historic figures as Edmund Ironside, Canute, Queen Emma, and Edward, as well as the Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian warriors whose bids for survival and power enrich not only the eleventh century but this work of historical fiction.  The introduction of Godric to this mix provides a quick-paced and fascinating journey of the outsider on the inside through a critical period in history.  Sweeping the reader along with him, Godric serves, more often than not, as an unwilling participant at the center of the intrigue and danger that comprise the story of the past and the narrative of the novel.

Throughout his and our journey, the author guides us by developing sympathetic characters, such as Osgifu, the eldest red-headed daughter of Lindsey, boon companion of Godric’s father.  It is to her that Godric will turn, either in thought or in deed, during various traumatic times in his own emergence from a boy to manhood.  The effeminate minstrel, Sigurd, offers a friendship that informs and shapes the man that Godric is and will become.  One can only wonder if Godric would have survived his coming of age without such a friend.  More likely than not, however, the reader, like the title character, must come to grips with several individuals who seem hell-bent on injuring or destroying the young man, although a few, in-the-end, offer more good than harm for Godric’s growth to manhood.  His evil, or at least so he believes, stepmother is one such example.  With her death, we see this young battle-scarred man seriously grieving and crying over her grave.

Once again, Jayden Woods creates a contextually factual and colorful narrative that will enlighten as well as entertain the reader.  Her fictional characters, as in the first Sons of Mercia volume, become real people in the reader’s mind, adding to rather than taking away from the historic possibilities she creates.  I once heard an academic historian refer to scholarship as educated guessing.  The historian works with the resources available.  The historical novelist enhances those resources with an imagination that suggests the aforementioned historical possibilities.  As an historian, I highly recommend Godric the Kingslayer.


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Thanks to everyone for your support. I hope you enjoy Godric’s story!

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  1. Loving this book!! Suffered an emotional blow concerning Eadric…I didn’t see that coming 😦 Don’t know why I loved him so. Will there be more books to come in this series???

    • Thanks so much. And yes, Vol. 3, “Edric the Wild,” will release fall 2012!

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